Dog, Lost For 3 Months, Found 600 Miles Away

I apologize for such a grim (with some sprinkles of happiness) story yesterday about the grim but true story of how society treats unwanted dogs.

So today, I bring a HAPPY news.

Meet Petie, a Jack Russell terrier from Tennessee.

Petie went missing from his 73 year old owner Jim Arrighi in July.

Petie was nowhere to be found, but Jim had “dogged” determination and faith, and didn’t give up.

Jim pinned up posters and bought ads in the local newspaper, and even going door to door whenever he could.

To make the matter worse, Jim’s wife of 37 years died 2 weeks ago.

Just when all hopes seemed to fade, Petie was finally found… 600 MILES away in Michigan.

There are speculations that Petie might have been stolen by pet thieves, since it’s fairly unlikely that a dog would have travelled that far on his own (including this dog that was found 3000 miles away, 2 years after it was reported lost).

Regardless, thanks to microchip and the people at Michigan humane society, Petie is now BACK with Jim.

A story of a lost dog reuniting back with it owner… isn’t this the greatest story theme ever?

Just awesome.

If you or know anyone who’s lost their beloved pet, there are things you can do immediately to find your lost pet.

And remember, never give up and devote yourself to finding your pet, as it has done for you.

It may take a while, so be patient, like this neglected dog who never gave up for 10 years.

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