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In some previous posts we did mini feedbacks on BoltMarley & Me, and the Japanese movie about a loyal dog Hachiko Monogatari. Currently I’m waiting to watch the American version of Hachiko – A Dog’s Story starring Richard Gere.

Actor Richard Gere’s interest in Asia is not limited to Buddhism and to the Dalai Lama: he’s also been touched by the story of Hachiko, a dog of breed Akita who lived in Japan more than half a century ago and who rose to fame because of his unconditional love for his owner. Gere has been so moved that he’s been pushing for an American movie adaptation of the story (some people would say a remake of the Japanese movie based on the same true story), even going to co-produce the film with his own money!

Hollywood has embraced dog movies for years and every time they come out with something new, I always give them a go. The ones that usually interest me most are the ones that are based on true stories. Let’s face it. Bolt was funny. Lady and the Tramp was cute and romantic, but Marley & Me gave me the deepest connection that I will never forget. Why? Simple. I can relate to the story.

This particular movie about Hachiko was one of the many animal movies where the American Humane Society was present. Their job is to make sure that none of the animals are harmed during the filming. I highly respect that and am happy to know that these dogs are not mistreated. Seriously, if a dog movie was outstanding, yet we later learn that the dog stars were abused I’d be so pissed.

I know I keep saying that I’m waiting for the American version to come out, but I still haven’t even seen the original Japanese movie. Hopefully I can find it somewhere and watch it before August. I have a feeling I’m going to cry watching these. Sigh…I’m so weak.

Tangent. Did you know that there were 22 different dogs playing the same character, Marley? Incredible! I’ve always had small dogs all my life, but there are times where I have passing thoughts about getting bigger dogs like a lab, husky or an akita…ha! They’re pretty darn cute and irresistable. I just wouldn’t look forward to picking up doo doo.

So what’s YOUR favorite dog movie of all time?



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  • Jayson Beau Redford

    its an Akita Sharon…i own two (one black, one white with black socks)

  • sharon

    what type of dog is this pls?

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