Dog Owners Be Aware – Death Cap Mushrooms

Dog owners and parents of small children, please note!

There is a type of poisonous mushroom growing wildly in United States, particularly California and New York.

(Conspiracy theory: Republicans imported this from Europe. Ok bad attempt at political pun/joke.)

Eating of this type of mushroom has been linked to people getting sick according to an NPR article:

Last month, a California woman died and five family members fell seriously ill after eating mushrooms they had picked in the woods. Health officials believe the culprit was the death cap mushroom, the most common cause of deadly mushroom poisoning in the United States.

Biologist Anne Pringle is trying to understand why the death cap mushroom is suddenly spreading like crazy in California.

Apparently, these mushrooms are lethal enough to cause death among dogs (not just small ones – big ones like German Shepherds got sick as well):



For your reference: this is what they look like:


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  • Sean

    Have there been any dog deaths reported or recorded? I walk my dog in a park where these are common and my dog (a lab that eats anything) is not the slightest interested in these mushrooms. You have 3 different mushrooms pictured. The top pic with the puppy warning(very alarmist) is Amanita phalloides the Death Cap. The middle pic (white mushroom) is Amanita virosa the Destroying Angle. And the bottom,red mushroom is Amanita muscaria. All can be overdosed on, but still 3 different mushrooms.

    • taewoo

      Wow. Thanks for the awesome detailed information.
      Yes, I believe there have been pet deaths reported with this type of mushroom.

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