Don’t Pick Up Your Dog Poop? Poop Police Will CATCH You With Poop DNA

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As much as I’d like to think that this is some Hollywood movie script, this is real news.. and it can’t get any weirder than than this.

Unscooped dog poop is a ‘messy’ business and it’s annoying as hell.

Some people in Florida apartments are so fed up with this that the apartment managers are requiring the apartment dwellers to submit their dog’s DNA.


So when they discover the fresh doo-doo colorfully splattered all over the sidewalk, the apartment employees will perform CSI style DNA match to see who the villiain is.

The dog owners are required to pay a one time $200 fee for the initial DNA test along with an identification tag.

Owners who don’t have this tag by end of the month will be charged $500. (The apartment manager is probably a cat or even a neuter nazi.)

Editorial note:

IN fact, I’d like to apologize for other insolent dog owners who don’t pick up after their dog.

I am rather obsessive about picking up dog poop, and usually I pick up other dog poop when I walk my dog.

A dog owner or not, if you have experienced someone NOT picking up their dog poop right in front of you, it’s annoying as shit (excuse my “pun”).

Though behavior like this is not encouraged in any shape or form, I can totally understand why people would do something crazy like this:

Come on people, seriously.. if you have a FREAKIN’ dog, pick up after your dog.

Is your dog capable of peeing and pooping in the toilet like this dog?

Probably not.

If you’re given the privilege of owning a dog and the unconditional love your dog gives you, do the world a favor and say THANKS by at least taking care of your dog’s business.

Perhaps, instead of fining people for unscooped dog poop, perhaps we should import monkeys to go around and slap irresponsible dog owners.

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