Dog Punishment 101

cute-puppy-pictures-sorry-hiding-dog11My dogs did something terrible. They know they’re not supposed to pee in the house, ESPECIALLY on the bed.

I left the house for a couple of hours and what do i see? Pee. All over the house. Yes, I was mad and infuriated, but angry to the point where I would punish them harshly. But this time the bed sheets were wet.  Apparently, one of the three actually got ON the bed and wee-wee’d all over the blanket. There was no simple fix. The whole thing had to be washed.

What I don’t understand is how they STILL pee in the house even after living in the house for more than a year. They should know better after MONTHS and MONTHS of training with treats (and of course, punishments). When I am with them, they are the sweetest angels, yet in my absence, they are pee monsters.

I know this isn’t the right thing to do and I regret every time I do it (and I try not to do more that i’ll regret but ergg.. lack of self control), but this time I was a little more vociferous and more spank-y. Guess I had a bad day. ;/

Here are the pictures of them hiding from me:

lucky hiding behind TV stand


cocoa hiding in closet

Worst part was that they were so scared that they wouldn’t come when I called their names. Eh.. i’m such a meanie

Sorry guys. I’ll control myself next time. But try not to pee/poop in the house anymore, huh?

PS: Yes, my dogs can read.. and turn on a computer… and open the browser and type in “” with their paws..

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