Dog Runs Door to Door to Find Help for Owner in Seizure

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It’s a fact: guardian angels come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Remember when that ..

  1. terrier that saved an old lady from a fire?
  2. St. Bernard protected it’s owner’s wife with its OWN body to save her from a tornado?
  3. shepherd dog saved a baby by keeping her warm throughout a cold night in the forest?

Well, this guardian angel is HUGE and quick on its feet.

Meet Bear, a 180-lb. German shepherd.

When Bear was originally adopted by Deborah Zeisler in Texas, Deborah thought of giving Bear to her mother.

Surprisingly, without any training whatsoever, it turned out that Bear is able to detect seizures:

He (Bear) will follow me to the kitchen to make sure that I take my medicine

Once I feel better he will go lay down.

Now I can tell him to go get my pills and he will go and get them for me.

They might be a little slobbery, but he will go get them for me.

However one day, Deborah had a seizure but unfortunately she pushed past Bear.

Deborah passed out and hit her head on the steps of her front porch, but Bear was no where to be seen?

Did Bear abandon Deborah?


Bear went DOOR to DOOR to Deborah’s neighbors’ houses to get help.

In fact, when an animal control officer came by, instead of running from the officer, Bear ran TOWARDS the officer.

And to think.. Deborah was going to give him away.



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  • ginger

    WONDERFUL what a great friend you have in BEAR this is why I love dogs so much good luck & GOD BLESS you & Bear

  • Laurrette Lavallee

    Amazing Job Bear you are an unbelievable angels

  • vicky

    Thats a wonderful dog.

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