Drive Safely. Strap Your Dog to the Side of Your Car.

Did you think the medicine for dog gas “problem” or the dog poop freeze aerosol spray was dumb?

Well, this one BEATS them all. It’s a “blast” from the past.

Someone took out an ad in 1936 issue of Popular Mechanic for a great new breakthrough invention, called the “Dog Sack”.

What is it, you ask??

Well, no need for words:

Well, i guess the inventor wanted to prevent something dangerous like this:

Yeap. Strap on your dog to the side of the car and drive on the freeway at 65 miles per hour. We all know dogs are indesructible, so there is no danger, really.

That’s why the caption says “Your dog will ride safely in this sack.. ”

Umm.. right.

Here’s what Steve the Slappy Monkey would say about this to the inventor himself:

Yes, Steve doesn’t talk much.

-The End

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