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It’s a well known fact: dogs and people are close. Dogs are empathetic, fun, and caring animals. They make us happy and even Ben Stein recommends that people get a dog for a pet. I would go far as to say that dogs make people better spiritually. I’m sure you can read in my posts that I love my dogs.

But I always wondered… do dogs care about their fellow dogs? I questioned that because two of my dogs fight ALL the time. So I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a dog was in the news, for saving his fellow friend dog:

A new video that shows a German shepherd trying valiantly — and successfully — to keep authorities from its injured friend on one of the busiest highways in New York City is just the latest example of dogs who go above and beyond to protect their loved ones.

Here’s the news clip video:

Wow. What an incredible story of dog-dog bonding. It’s amazing. Truly dogs are divine animals.

Here’s the sappy version of the freeway camera that took the whole thing on video. (Warning: very sappy background music.)

I would say this story is up there with Hachiko’s story as far as dog loyalty is concerned.

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