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I just thought of a brilliant discipline device for dogs. 

Don’t you hate it when your dog pees in the house, especially when they’re already trained not to? I do!!! I was doing laundry at my parent’s house today and like always, my three dogs follow every step I take. After checking on my laundry in the laundry room I closed the door behind me. As I looked back and below, I saw it – Brownie’s leg lifting up against the wall. Ugh…I was angry and yelled “AH! AH!” and quickly opened the back door to let all three dogs out.  Luckily I caught him in time otherwise there would’ve been a huge puddle to clean up. I was so mad I wanted to smack him. HO HO HO ….MUAHAHAHA….just then my idea came to life.

Picture this. Designing a dog outfit that has a camera installed along with a slapper. How does it work? Simple. When you’re not home, wear the suit on the dog and allow yourself to watch your dog remotely on your phone or handheld device. Just as you see the dog peeing, press the signal that activates the dog slapper. And SMACK! They’re punished right on the butt immediately.

Cruel? I think not. Dogs are like our babies. When they do something wrong, they get smacked on their booty. This is the same principle.


(Dog peeing on laptop)

Don’t be fooled by their face. Instead, smack them on that tushie of theirs. Who’s the boss now!

Anyone want to fund my idea? =)

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