Dog Suicide Bomber

People have been asking… what next deviant will Al Qaeda come up with next?

Yes, you guessed correct: suicide dog bombers.

No no, not the kind of dog that would wrap itself in a jacket full of bombs, but dog with surgically implanted bombs inside of it.

Yes, you read correctly.

Bomb. Inside. Dog.

No I am not making this stuff up. In fact, it’s ALL over the news because it’s so ridiculous:

The plot unfolded two years ago, when al Qaeda bomb makers grabbed the two stray dogs off the street and surgically implanted powerful explosives and detonators in each.

The dogs were then placed in kennel carriers and sent to the Baghdad airport for a flight to the US. Le Figaro didn’t say what city they were headed for.

It’s not unusual for dogs to fly from Iraq to the US. Several animal-rescue groups work to give Iraqi dogs new US homes, and US soldiers have also adopted pooches there.

It’s believed al Qaeda planned for the dogs to explode in flight.

Of course, how did the US military catch this before the lethal explosion occurred?

Yeap, Fido died in mid air.

I guess Al Qaeda didn’t know that planting a bomb inside a dog could kill him before the bomb detonated.

I don’t know if this animals in warfare thing is really working for anyone, including US military. Sure, they can sniff out bombs here and there, but using them as weapons? Does Al Qaeda really associate THIS

with terror?

Regardless, here is PawshPal’s top secret method of determining if a secret terrorist organization has implanted a bomb in your dog

  1. Is your dog ticking? – Usually dogs bark. If it’s ticking, there’s either an Al Qaeda bomb in there or has eaten too much table scraps. Either way, call 911.
  2. Is your dog pooping TNT? – Unless your feeding your dog grenades, this could be a sign that he might be the victim of good ol’ Al Qaeda bomb-in-dog switch-eroo.
  3. Is your dog dead? – In this case, it might be your stinky feet as much as it is the bomb inside its tummy.
  4. Are other dogs running for their lives? – I suggest  you run. Run fast.

Even though, this story is definitely bizarre and scary, I definitely must categorize this event as entertaining.

Before, there was the shoe bomber incident which forced airport security people to check our shoes. Now after this incident, they might ask us to cut our dogs open to check for bombs.

Of course, the dogs will be the ones doing the surgery.

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  • shana

    “entertaining”? There is something wrong with you.

  • wendi

    gosh! does anybody have a freakin heart or soul anymore! I mean geez.. look stupid people who have abortions! How long is that going to go on! what is wrong with the world!

  • wendi

    this is sickning! what screwd up people “liked this is just as bad as the person who put the bomb in the dog!freakin retards!

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