Dog Survives for a Month Inside Burnt Down House

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Do you believe in miracles?

Well, then, you haven’t met Lola.

Meet Lola – a 1 year old daschund puppy from Boston.

The house she lived was burnt down a month ago.

We’re talking some SERIOUS fire:

The fire was so bad that the house was condemned and could no longer be resided.

The owner of Lola, Terisa Acevedo was told that the fire department did not find Lola inside.

In fact, the police department brought in a K9 unit to look for Lola.

Unfortunately, no luck in finding Lola.

Terisa, determined to get her puppy back, searched Lola ever since:

But it seemed like a lost cause and Terisa gave up.

When Terisa went back to the house, guess who was scratching at the door?

Yeap, this strong little puppy daschund survived in the rubbles of a burnt down house. FOR A MONTH.

Thankfully, Lola was still alive and is now being treated at a hospital.

But more importantly, Lola is BACK with Terisa.

A happy ending to a tragic story. Kinda like Roadie’s, Sparky’s, and Wall-E’s.

Hats off to Terisa for not giving up… and not being a douche-bag, like the lady who tried to mail a puppy in a box.

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