Doggie Happiness Acts

I’ve noticed that dogs do several things to show that they’re happy – wag their tail, lick your face, jump on their hind legs, plop over to get belly rubs, and spin in circles. The interesting thing is, their happiness makes us happy too. Women, especially, can’t help but make sound effects like “awww” and add in “so cute!” even though they’ve seen the exact same action countless times before. I guess some things just remain as novelties to some of us, including me.

I’m going to mention something that’s completely off topic (because I know I’ll forget to write about it later). I notice that Cocoa always bothers Brownie; however, when it comes to Lucky, he usually just licks his eyeballs and grossingly (if that’s a word) enough, he also licks his butt. I read somewhere that it’s a sign of respect and apparently Chihuahuas, like cats, have the tendency to groom themselves. I don’t know if any of this is factual, but it’s definitely interesting.

Now back to doggie happiness and spirituality (I digress). Doggie happiness makes owners do crazy things.


Yes, these are pictures that exemplify craze. I love them. =P

Have a pawsome day, everyone!

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