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img_5756editMy dog, Cocoa, almost became doggie pate today. Of course, I wasn’t there to witness the event, but TaeWoo retold the story to me.

He was walking the dogs this morning while I went to my yoga class. Cocoa happened to spot two huge St. Bernards at the park and decided he’d bolt towards them and start barking – as if he was trying to be macho. I cannot understand why he does this. I would totally question his behavior if only he could talk.

Anyhow, the tables turned and instead of Cocoa being a loud little dog barking away, the two St. Bernards starting chasing after him. Mind you, none of these dogs were leashed. Why? Because I guess we owners enjoy giving our dogs freedom at the risk of these types of things happening. I’m sure they don’t enjoy being tugged by the neck. Who would?

Back to the story. Since the two big dogs decided to chase Cocoa and show him who’s boss, the little guy freaked out (not so macho anymore) and started zooming across the big open field toward the streets. At this point my boyfriend was not only angry, but nervous as well. Several cars zipping by had to dodge Cocoa as he stood in the middle of the street. If he wasn’t black, I’d say his face would’ve turned completely white!

My other two dogs, Lucky and Brownie, were just chillin’ on the sidelines the whole time. Luckily, Cocoa was retrieved from the streets and the other two dogs were held back by their owners. Cocoa’s retribution? The same as the St. Bernards. A good woopin’ on the butt.

The positive? All dogs came home safely and both dog owners mutually apologized. I really really hope Cocoa learns his lesson today, but somehow I don’t think he has. Dogs are like children. They don’t really learn till it really hurts and although I could see that all my dogs came home safely, I was nervous while my boyfriend told me the story. Sighs….I don’t like doggie pate.

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