Doggie Support While Running Half Marathons

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Today I ran the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. I have this tendency to sign up for half marathons when I know I’m not going to train for them, but I do them anyway. Quite sad really and not good for one’s body. Next time I run another marathon I’ll make sure to put in some training effort.

Anyway, today was a beautiful day and out of all the marathons I’ve ran, Santa Cruz has got to be the most beautiful course! Just my personal opinion, but the best part of the marathon was how happy I felt when I saw my three dogs waiting for me at the edge of the beach. They were my supporters along with my bf and my friend =) I know it’s not the pooches choice to be there and they were literally ‘hot dogs’ in the heat panting away, but I know that they were happy to be with us.

Here’s a picture after finishing. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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