Doggies Prayed For Our Return

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img_6000 After a week without seeing our three little trouble makers, we sped to my parent’s house after 5 hours of driving to give them hugs and kisses. They were uber excited! I’d say they were more excited than usual – probably a good 5-7 minutes straight of huffing, puffing, wagging, spinning, jumping and licking 🙂

They got kicked to the backyard for peeing in the house. If only they would learn! I guess my family is not very good at teaching them. Oh well, at least they had a whole backyard to share with the two pretty birds and turtles 🙂 Plus, summer is near so I’m not as worried about the cold.

Alrighty folks, I’m going to go to my Parent’s house to give them a bath, wash their sheets, and bring them back to my apartment =P

Have a wuffy day!

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