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dog-praying1The mystical bond between man and dog is undisputable. I keep saying it over and over. I’m not the only man who feels this way. We all do, including the president of the US.

Somehow our spirits connect with theirs. It’s as if Mother Earth/God/Universe/Creator/insert-whatever-you-believe-in has designed us this way.

In mornings after gym, I usually do my usual walk in the park with mydogs. I know I’m supposed to leash them but I let them go free so they can go and explore. Besides, they’re cooped up inside the house all day, so the least I can do is to let  them some room to sniff the nature.

When I do my morning stroll with them, I go into a silent meditation. I give thanks that I have my great health, roof over my head, three square meals, a car that works (crappy, but still works), a girlfriend who supports my entrepreneurial endeavours, a mom who’s crazy yet alive and healthy, etc.

Last but not least point of gratitude are my dogs.  They have changed my life in ways I cannot describe. I feel as if they have saved my life from my old self. I actually want to improve myself so i can make THEM happy. For example, I remember watching in a pet TV show about controlling my emotions around dogs, including getting annoyed or getting angry too quickly. No offense to church goers or pastors/priests, but I feel having dogs works better for my spirit. And the crazy thing is… the dogs don’t even ASK me to this self-improvement stuff.

The crazy thing is, I think they are starting to sense my spirit better than I can. Ok, maybe I’m just reading too much into it, or maybe not. But I do know that if I’m mad at something or someone, they feel it too:

Dogs always sense what you are feeling, sadness, anger, stress, etc. So if your bond with your dog is strong absolutely YES it will either step in to help protect, become aggressive, shy away, etc.

Of course, I started getting concerned that I was getting TOO friendly with the dogs to the point that I felt like my best friends were dogs. But I figure that’s not too bad because dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason.

Whatever it is, I feel my spirit has improved quite a bit by accidentally having befriended Lucky, Brownie, and Cocoa (you can see their pics here). 

I remmeber a while back when one of my earlier business went tanking, I was really down. Didn’t see the point of doing anything and I felt quite crappy. My friend suggested I try praying and I did. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I started mentally singing that song “send me and angel” in my head. Funny thing is, God answered.

Just in a form of a dog.

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