Dogs Circle. Dogs Roll In Poop.

dog-rollingI’ve read that there is no certain answer as to why dogs circle before they poop or lay down; however, there are definitely several speculations. Some say that they do so to get comfortable – stomping their area to make flatter ground. Others say that they do so as a means of protection – checking 360 degrees before comfortably laying down. Another set of people believe that it’s synonymous with how humans check out each toilet stall before choosing a spot. My theory is that they do so as a way to prep their poop to come out – slowly giving the poop a nudge before settling. Or they could just be amusing us since we humans are easily amused =) Whatever the reason, they definitely signal me to get my poop bag ready for action.

Now, do cats do something similar? I’ve never had a cat and I can’t seem to find any information. The only amusing things that I can think of cats doing in general are climbing into bags and boxes and playing with yarn – which I think are really cute. Maybe someday if my allergies magically disappear, I’ll be able to experience having a baby kitten grow on me. In the meantime, all I can do is read other people’ stories.

Besides dogs circling before doing certain activities, I always wondered why dogs eat poop or roll in them for that matter. Can you say gross-a-rama? When I see my dogs roll in poop, I wish I had my invention whipped out to spank them. If you’re going to roll in poop, learn to give yourself a bath! Bratty mutts. 

According to Dr. Julia Brannan, there may be more than one reason they roll in poop.

Don’t dogs do some of the strangest things? Rolling in feces, though, is really very common. Possibly a dog’s ancient instinct to mask his scent, which would then enable the animal to sneak up on their prey without detection. Even if your dog does not hunt, she may not like the way that she smells—especially if you’ve just given her a bath! Or she just likes the smell of the feces.

Dr. Julia Brannan also gave some suggestions on how to avoid having them do the roll of death.

1) You might keep her on a leash so that she can’t roll in other dog’s poop.
2) Pick up her poop up in the yard as soon as she does it.
3) You could also try pairing something unpleasant with her actions of rolling in poop, such as squirting her with a water bottle. OR a blast from one of those personal safety device airhorns (your neighbors might not appreciate this). OR get a citronella spraying collar with a remote spray capability. Dogs strongly dislike the smell of citronella, and this spray comes from the collar, under their chin and up toward their nose.

I’m always ready to spray my dogs when they do something they shouldn’t. That’s probably what I’ll be doing from now on. I actually use squirt bottles to make my dog stop humping other dogs that are annoyed. My dog, Cocoa, is usually the culprit. It’s funny because Cocoa will actually check to see if we’re looking before he tries to mount again, but if he sees us looking he’ll either try to chase the dog much further away from us or cower about a foot away awaiting for an opening chance. Dogs do the cutest things.

Whatever the case, from now on when my dogs show signs of the roll of death, I’ll be prepared. Watch out boys! Mama aint gonna hesitate!

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