Dogs Committing Suicide?

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wizard2Do dogs commit suicide? I mean…I know they have emotions and can definitely feel sadness, but suicide? Personally, I think it’s possible. I have a dog named Brownie. I’m not sure what his story was before we got him, but he certainly has psychological issues that I can’t quite explain. He’s just very easily frightened all the time. Is it because Cocoa is always bothering him and humping him? I’m going to guess that that adds to his weirdness.

My aunt found Brownie on the streets without a collar years ago and decided to just drop him off at my Parent’s house. Something they’re very good at doing. In fact, I think most of the dogs that I’ve had in my lifetime were all dropped off by my aunt, including Cocoa.

Back to suicide animals – I don’t know if any of these stories are true, but this site certainly lists a lot of them –

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  • […] Of course, if others think I’m praticing nepotism when it comes to dogs. But according to Wikipedia’s definition, technically I am not because all my dogs are not really technically inept at doing anything other than sleeping, eating, pooing, peeing, and barking.. which they are all pretty much equal at. But I do get a sense of guily because I give Cocoa far more attention than any other dog, which explains why my other dog brownie might feel suicidal. […]

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