Dogs Need (Dog) Blood Donors

Have you ever donated blood?

Yeah, it’s one of those things on our “to do” lists but sometimes we never get to them. But remember, your blood CAN save lives of others. On top of that, when you leave, they give you a cookie and some OJ! Ka-chiiinnnng!

But what if it’s your dog’s blood that the blood bank wants?

Yeap, believe it or not, dogs need blood transfusion too.

Dogs in accidents, dogs in surgeries, etc etc.

Whatever situation you can think of where a human might need blood, that situation applies to dogs:


Pet Hospitals

Veterinarians / Shelters

Unfortunately, just like human blood donations, dog donations are voluntary. On top of that, most dog owners don’t even KNOW that dog blood donation centers exist.

If your dog is healthy, please.. PLEASE consider donating your dog’s blood.

It could help save someone else’s beloved four-legged friend someday.

PS: PLEASE SHARE THIS article with your friends and family. ESPECIALLY if they have a pet.

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  • kirsten

    My middle pup suervived the parvovirus, and through my research I caught wind that he is now immune to the virus and can be a marrow donor! To me this makes him a bit of a super hero, and one day I hope we can use this to save another pups life from parvo as well 🙂

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