Dogs of War Not Forgotten

Yes, Charlie Sheen is ALL over the media. Whoop-dee-doo. Another nut Hollywood actor. Are we really that surprised?

Here’s something that matters: do we as society remember that there’s still a war going on Afghanistan?

The tragic thing about this war (or any war) is that there are victims, including dogs who serve alongside the soliders

Dogs are increasingly being targeted by the enemies as they are very good at detecting bombs, weapons, and enemies.

Meet Dr. Tom Roffe-Silvester. He and his veteterinarians treat wounded dogs in Afghanistan.

In fact, Tom’s team of vets treat a LOT of wounded dogs and rehabilitate disabled ones: more than 190 dogs a MONTH!

We are grateful for Tom, his team, and anyone in the military who do not forget our best friends who give their lives for our peace and freedom.

In fact, during the Vietnam war, there were (approximately) over 10,000 dogs that served in the US military, but were “left for dead”.

We at PawshPal hope and pray that anyone or any dog serving in any army around the world come home safe, and have a moment like this one:

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