Dog’s Unconditional Love – Dog Adopts a Raccoon Baby

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Remember that dog that adopted tiger cubs?

Once again, a dog shows that it’s unconditional love can go far and beyond just people.. or tiger cubs.

Meet Sasha.

Sasha was an abandoned dog from Missouri.

Sasha had a big lump when a rescue group found her.

It turns out Sasha was pregnant with 2 puppies, but 1 was born dead.

Around the same time, a raccoon baby showed at the same animal shelter.

Who takes the raccoon baby underneath its wings? Sasha:

Even when he started making little raccoon kind of noises, she didn’t have a problem with it. And she loves him. She’s protective of him now.

Sasha even jumps for her baby if workers have to take the raccoon away for any reason.

It’s absolutely heartwarming to see that, to see them side-by-side like that and her attachment to him, it’s amazing.

The spokesperson for the rescue group says elegantly:

We saved her life, and she saved the raccoon’s life

I think what goes around comes around.

It’s the circle of life. I think that’s the way it goes.

She’s just returning the favor.

PS: I wonder where that dog-loving monkey would say about this.


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