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I’ve been away from my pooches for almost a week and every time I see a dog, I miss them more and more.  Sigh….I wonder if they’re getting along with my mom’s new turtles.

Speaking of which, I think my favorite reptile has got to be turtles. I mean, I like watching small geckos, lizards and tiny frogs (the pretty poisonous ones), but turtles are somehow more relaxing to be around. Snakes, on the other hand, I definitely am not a fan of. To me, they’re only cool to look at in their terrarium, but not something cuddly or bonding. I guess people thinks it’s cool to have or enjoy watching them swallow their dead animals whole or even slither and wrap around their arms and necks, but not me. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with the image of a snake being slithery and evil – representative of bad temptations. It’s probably just a stigma, but I still don’t like them.

Now that I think about it, there could be another reason I don’t like snakes so much. When I was small, probably less than 5 years old, I was sitting in my backyard when a snake came slithering towards me ready to attack. Luckily, a cat saved me. That’s right folks, the one animal I’m incredibly allergic to literally saved me. How? He fought off the snake. Sigh…with this memory, it’s sad not being able to experience having a pet cat. Maybe if a hypoallergenic cat came along, but I doubt that exists just like the so-called hypoallergenic dog

Alright, I’m going to leave Peet’s Coffee to re-enter the extremely hot air of Studio City. Hopefully the beach is nice. Have a paw-riffic day!

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