Don’t Pay Taxes on Your Dog? Then the Goverment Will Kill Your Dog

Nope, we did not make this up.

If you live in the town of Reconvilierd in Switzerland and don’t pay taxes on your dog, the government will give you an ultimatum: pay up or your pooch dies.

In a town of 2,245 humans and 280 dogs, an OLD law from 1904 that says if people do not pay a $50 dollar dog tax, the town may be able to seize and execute the dog in question.

No, wait. Don’t get mad just yet. It gets better.

Pierre-Alain Nemitz, a local official in Reconvilier, says:

“This isn’t about a mass execution of dogs. It’s meant to put pressure on people who don’t cooperate.”

What’s even more scary is that this local government doesn’t believe in humane execution either. When asked about a dog related problems 30 or so years ago. Nemitz replied:

“A lethal injection is sentimentality. We took them to a knacker’s yard, shot them in the head, and it was done…Euthanasia is for humans, and in our era, we’re not going to dilute the truth.”

Now the readers need to remember this – this town does NOT have a dog overpopulation problem. Dogs do not overrun the city. Dogs are not overbreeding. The dogs are not attacking little children  nor are they biting anyone (well, not ALL of them everyday, anyway). People are not breeding them in puppy mills to make a profit like they do in Missouri.

The innocent dogs are being targeted because the owners do not pay dog tax.

This brings up a couple of points:

1. This isn’t like the US “government sponsored” shelters putting dogs to sleep because they either cannot behave or that the shelter can no longer (financially or physically) hold the unwanted dogs, and are HUMANELY euthanized. The Swiss government is (“unintentionally”) punishing-killing dogs in HOPES of punishing the dog owners.

2. It will cost AS much money to euthanize a dog humanely (assuming that they do it humanely) as it is for the owner to pay the dog tax. This makes no sense. It’s like spending a dollar to punish someone who will HOPEFULLY pay you a dollar. Apparently, the Swiss government officials don’t need to pass elementary school math to get elected.

3. Why did US leave Switzerland alone during WWII? If we could go back in time, maybe we need to rethink the whole leave-the-neutral-country-alone thing.

Anyway, you look at it, this is equivalent to state sponsored stupidity / evil / whatever you want to call it.

I am no Dog Whisperer but I am guessing that any dog in this town would be saying to his/her owner: “hey, goddammit, pay your taxes!”

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Roberta Fehr

    I think this is immoral and an out dated law that should be changed to say “If you do not pay your dog taxes YOU, THE OWNER, will be jailed or suffer for HIS OR HER refusal to pay taxes on that animal. We, as humans, should be the ones punished for not doing right by our animals and no where should be hold the animal liable for his or her owners neglect. Here we are in a society that is so advanced and yet we still act act like savages.

  • Cocoa Kelly

    This is dispicable! It is like a maffia move. I’ll get your loved ones while you stand and watch! Well, the Bible says to pay unto Ceasar what is his and that tax should UNFORTUNATELY be paid. However, that threat should not be tolerated. Fight for what is right!!! In the USA the ASPCA claims it is HUMANE to euthanize unwanted animals as opposed to allowing them to go to homes without requiring a FORCED donation and intrusive questioning into personal business that is not relevant to adoption.This also is disgusting! Why not allow the animals an actual chance to live. Survival of the fittest! Yes some animals may not survive but many will. If I were the unwanted animal I would hope to have a chance to fend for myself and live than to be KILLED! Saying the words “Humanely Euthanized”, is only sugar coating the words to KILL!! Please do not humanely kill me, I want to live! FREE the animals and euthanize the real criminals such as child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc!

  • Sandra George

    This makes me sick to my stomach!People have no respect for animals. So inhumane.

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