Fallen Solider and His Military Dog Killed in Action Bu‪ried Together

This is one of those stories that has an ending with mixed emotions, like the story of the dog who survived a euthanasia in gas chamber.

Corporal Kory Wiens of Independence, OR was serving in the army for the Operation Iraqi freedom.

Kory was assigned a dog, Cooper.

Kory was so fond of Cooper that even after Kory’s military obligations expired, he decided to stay long enough till Cooper’s career as a bomb sniffing dog ended.

Then a tragedy…

One day, Kory and Cooper came across an IED (improvised explosive device, or “home made” bomb), and they both died at the scene.

To honor Kory and Cooper, their bodies were buried together. And the Army has dedicated a dog park in memory of the duo at Fort Carson, south of Colorado Springs.

That’s where the story ends in most newspapers and TV news

The military “honored” a hero.

Ladies and gentleman, Kory was 20 YEARS OLD at the time of his death.

Kory was a BOY.

He was someone’s SON.

He was someone’s BROTHER.

He was going to be someone’s FATHER.

“A hero who bravely fought for the country and gave his life for the rest of us”… is what the media would want you to hear.

But really, how is this justifying this boy’s death?

Is this really HONORING Kory’s and Cooper’s death?

Who was he fighting for? The freedom of the Iraqis? Did they ask for that from us? And how exactly do you create freedom by declaring war? And if they wanted it so bad, why are the insurgents fighting our boys so hard?

Does Cory and Cooper really care? No, i bet he wanted to be a 20 year old, having fun, and being… a 20 YEAR OLD.

And I bet Cooper wanted to be a dog in peace, fetching balls, doing tricks, and sniffing trees… not sniffing bombs and dodging bullets.

Yes, they are heroes for selflessly giving their lives to a mission, but what exactly was the mission?

Secure our oil supply in the middle east?

Exactly, Cory and Cooper died for nothing, ladies and gentleman.

And if for those that don’t agree with… I’d like to ask, “well, ok why don’t you pick up a gun and fly there yourself first.”

The military and the press would want you to be OK with that fact by labeling them as “heroes” and saying that they are “honoring” them, and that you wouldn’t question the authorities.

They want the public to be OK with the fact that we are sending tens of thousands of 18, 19, and 20 year olds to their blind deaths for war that is so unpopular, so useless that it is dividing this nation.

Where is the justice in this?

Where is the OUTRAGE in this?

I have personally lost relatives who fought and died in wars with no justifiable purpose or mission, and the families were given a flag, a jar of ashes, a gun salute, and a “sorry”.

Where is the honor in this senseless death?

Where is that hero that they would like to applaud and cheer?

6 feet under ground?

When a war breaks out, why aren’t the sons, brothers, and grandsons of the politicians (who declared the war) out in the front line of the war?

Should only the “expendable” people be sent marching to their deaths?

There is no honor in fighting.

There is no honor in wars.

There is no honor in killing.

Kory and Cooper are heroes in my book, but I will not remember them as military heroes.

But as heroes who served selflessly, and heroes who loved each other and stood by each other.

To the friends and family of Kory, my heart goes out to you and your family for a loss that cannot be replaced.

To Mr. President, f*ck this war. End this non sense immediately. It’s time to bring home our sons, our brothers, our fathers, and of course, our dogs.

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