February 2011 Pawshmate Contestant – Kimbo

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Original photo taken with DSC-H20

Kimbo – Submitted by Angus Mccrady


This is Mr.Kimbo Slice,and this picture has a small story behind it, it was taken at the Popular Lodge Park near Beardmore , Ontario and the life guard dog that was painted on the life guard shack (Which is torn down)looks just like kimbo. That following day kimbo was the life guard,when he helped me swim back to shore when the river current was to strong for me to swim against. Kimbo heard my yells and came to my rescue. He has a very kind spirit and is gentle to everyone he meets. He is newfie lab mix and a very good swimmer!

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  • Jasmine Holloway

    What a wonderful story! Kimbo is such a loyal and loving dog and I’m sure a real treasure for you! I hope you and Kimbo have many, many happy years together. God Bless you both!

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