Forget Ironman. Meet Real Life Military Bionic Dogs

Dogs have always played a critical role in human history, particularly in wars.

Military dogs are particularly brave and loyal, and for that we salute them.

Oh yeah, one other thing.. a military dog helped to catch Osama bin Laden.

So are these dogs in danger during these military expeditions?

Absolutely, but their handlers are no dummies. They protect their assets, including their dogs.

In fact, these military dogs are more well equipped then you think.

Here are some of the “cool gadgets” these dogs are equipped with:

1) Full body armor

Armor can protect against bullets, shrapnel, and knife attacks.

2) Head mounted infrared live camera

So that the handler can see what they see.

3) Ear bugs

Yeap. For REMOTE orders. (Like RC control car, except for your dog)

4) (Allegedly) Broken teeth replaced with titanium

Yeah, that might hurt a bit.

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  • Rona

    Hi, I am working on a college textbook for Macmillan and they are interested in the photo of the robot dog and the real dog featured in this article. Let me know who to contact for a hi-res photo and permission. Thanks.

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