Former Cowboy Saves Drowning Dogs with… what else? A Lasso!

Imagine this scenario.

Your dogs are off leash and playing by a field with a canal next to it.

Usually, the dogs can jump in, play a bit, and jump right back out.

Except this time, the canals’ current is so strong that your dogs get swept away.

You have to think. You need help. QUICK.

So who are you gonna call?


Knight Rider?

The A-Team?


You call the OTHER hero from TV.

A real life cowboy.

Meet Jesus Villanueva, an ex-cowboy who USED to do cowboy stuff over 30 years ago.

When a pair of dogs were helplessly being carried quickly away by a canal with fast current in Washington, the dogs owner ran alongside them and screamed for help.

When her husband came to help but he couldn’t pull them out. And neither did the sheriff.

So what good samaritan shows up out of NOWHERE to save the day?

JESUS with a Lasso! (No pun intended. Ok i lie, pun intended)

He just kind of came out of nowhere.

It was amazing how fast he lassoed them.

We’re so happy (Villanueva) came along.

Thanks to Mr. Villanueva’s quick thinking the two dogs were saved.

Villanueva was equally amazed. He said he learned to lasso in Jalisco, Mexico, where he worked on a cattle ranch, but it had been 30 years since he had roped anything.

Nevertheless, it took him just one lasso each to capture the dogs

Totally random but this story is just as amazing as that chihuahua that chased away armed robbers and that dog that got stabbed in the head, also while chasing away burglars.


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  • ginger


  • Lydia Buitenwerf

    Just want to say way to go to Jesus Villanueva thats for saving this couple dogs you are a hero to the animal world, Thanks from another animal lover. We could use more people like you around .

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