Funny hop or knee pain?

luxating patellaOne of my dogs, Brownie (pic here and here – the golden chihuahua) has this funny limp once in a while. I was concerned at first but I noticed that it comes and goes.

At first, i thought maybe he stepped on something or more that it’s a mental thing. But apparently not.

This condition is called “luxating patella“. The lay-man non-medical definition, according to Wikipedia, is


Luxating patella (or trick knee, subluxation of patella, or floating patella), is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location.

Patellar luxation is a common condition in dogs, particularly small and miniature breeds. The condition usually becomes evident between the ages of 4 to 6 months. It also occurs in cats, especially the Domestic Shorthair.

It also occurs in humans, where it can be associated with damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.

If you’re in denial or wondering if your dog has this condition, here’s a clip that shows a Boston Terrier with luxating patella. Pay attention to the little hops he does every so often (the first hop is on the 20-22’th second of the clip and a couple more after that):

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