Heartbreaking Image – Girl Greets Dog Throught Window from Japan Tsunami Radiation

In dog

Like most people, I have a short term memory.

We get bombarded with mindless news…. constant updates from social media… and of course, watching TV doesn’t help either.

Though this is late news, I felt this image was so powerful that I had to post this:

This image is a girl from Japan who has been isolated because of the leaking radiation from the nuclear power plant during the Japan Tsunami earlier this year.

But because she’s in containment, the only way to say hello to her dog was through the glass window.

Human will to survive and fight through insurmountable tragedy…

Dog’s undying love and loyalty for it’s master (and vice versa, of course)..

What an awesome image. If an alien race came to wipe everything off the planet and they asked why we are worthy of life, I would show them this image.

On that, I will end with this note: Japan still needs help.

If you’d like to help, CLICK HERE.

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