Girl Throwing Puppies Into River

No offense to politically correct people, but this girl is one sick b*tch

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  • fallon

    if its a dog or not should not matter! its a live animal!

  • Charlotte Kraus

    I want to know if they have done anything to this girl? If you can throw puppies into a river, just imagine what she would do to a child? We as a society need to WATCH PEOPLE LIKE HER, OR, lets START putting these ANIMAL ABUSERS HUMANELY TO SLEEP!!! (As if they would even deserve that!)

  • Jubingo

    Of course these dogs are real!!! This was horrific. Who would post something like this????

  • danielle

    how mean is that i whould love to do that to her and see how she likes it she need to go to jail for that

    • taewoo

      Hi danielle. There is a big speculation on internet whether these are real dogs or not.
      If the dogs were fake, it’s most likely a publicity stunt.
      If they were real, I would have a hard time understanding how anyone could not legally prosecute the people involved.

  • Zee

    Has anyone done anything about this? I think its just as sick to post this for people to watch and not do anythint about it.

    • taewoo

      Hi Zee. We’re still looking into it. It’s hard to find out who the people involved in the video were.

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