Got the Blues? Rudolph Can Cheer You Up

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Ok, fine. I’ll admit it. For ALL of us: life sometimes just isn’t very fair.

Sometimes, that very thing we wanted just slips away.

Sometimes, what you planned just doesn’t work out the way you envisioned.

Sometimes, the people you trust the most let you down.

Sometimes, we lose our beloved friends, family, or pets.

And of course.. when that happens, how do we feel?

Not great.

Sometimes our emotion gets the better of us, and we stop trying.

Why? Because we beat ourselves up.

The “little voice in the head”.. what does it say to us?

Oh, it’s NEVER gonna work.

I am too stupid/dumb/slow.

I can’t do this.

I am never gonna get it.

Sometimes the little voice in our heads do more harm to us than any one else can possibly do.

But you can’t let a simple bump in the road prevent you from getting to your destination.

You can’t let that inner voice, that voice of fear and failure, get to you.

You gotta shake that off and you gotta keep trying.

You gotta keep going.

You gotta keep on keeping on.

Meet Rudolph.

Rudolph is a dachsund born DEAF and BLIND.

Why? Overbreeding in a puppy mill, where he was born. (If you haven’t seen what kind of conditions some of these puppy mills are in, check out this post.)

Needless to say, Rudolph was an “undesirable”. In another words, no one would buy or adopt him.

Rudolph went from a shelter to a shelter.. and it seemed as if no one wanted him.

It looked DARK for Rudolph.

But Rudolph didn’t “give up”.

One day, a person of FAITH saw Rudolph for who he is and NOT WHAT he is.

Rudolph was saved.

Rudolph not only has a loving home, but is an inspirational dog that teaches kids about having compassion for others who might “look” different.

Rudolph the wet-nosed dachsund is now a beacon of hope, compassion, love, and yes, persistence.

Remember, when you have the blues, it’s NOT what happened to you… but how you PERCEIVE and REACT to what has happened to you.

In another words, it’s not as bad as you really think it is.

You can keep trying.

You can win.

God and dog bless you.


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