Guess the Breed: My Dog Lucky

Every time I take my dog to a dog park, I get asked: “is that a miniature husky?”

To be honest, i have NO idea. You tell me. Do you know what breed this dog is?

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  • Tiffini

    Umm… how about definitely chihuahua and maybe snauzcher. I dont see husky or papillion or jack Russel. i do see chiuaua though. there is dna testing that can be done to confirm

  • Betty Anne

    Oh please…
    your dog is a cross between a pinscher and a chihuahua

  • Angela Himmeroeder

    Your dog looks nothing like a miniature Husky. I think its a mix of Chihuahua, Jack Russel and Papillon

  • wendi watson

    so far what is know is a chawawa. it does look like part husky.

  • Shelley


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