Halloween 2011 Pet Costume Photos

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Here are some photos PawshPal fan submitted from 2011 Halloween:

Submitted by Danielle Lanemann Fritz

Submitted by Sara Labine

Submitted by Shelby Wolfe

Terri Bryant Betancourt

Submitted by Tina Garrison

By the way, do you know when it is the BEST time to buy Halloween costumes for yourself OR for your pets?


AFTER Halloween is over.

In fact, most costume businesses are SCRAMBLING to clear out their inventory because they don’t want the headache or the responsibility of carrying leftovers until next year.

Check out Costume Discounters, Costume Kingdom, and Wholesale Costume Club (use promo code “SAVENOW”).

And the best thing of all this.. they’re so desperate to get rid of them that they’re throwing in free shipping & handling left and right.


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