Happy Day: My Dog Cocoa is FOUND!

Great news!

My dog Cocoa, the logo and inspiration for the funny pet picture site PawshPal, went missing 2 days ago) and is BACK HOME!

But here is the picture of the family that called in with a news that gave me the biggest sigh of relief:

Thanks Joe and Sarah!

By the way, if you watch hockey (I don’t), you’ll notice Joe (Pavelski) is #8 from San Jose Sharks.

Well, Joe, now you have a new fan.

Once again, thanks to Joe and Sarah, Cocoa and his sidekick are back in action once again!

Here are some questions I was asked..

So how did this happen

A contractor came into the house without calling first. Cocoa was spooked and ran for his life.

How far did he run?

I have no idea but based on the initial feedback i got from random people on the street, it appears that he ran about a mile straight, then eventually turn.

It turned out Joe’s house is actually EAST of where I live.. in another words, Cocoa made a large U turn.

I’d like to think that it was his sheer love for me and his determination to come back using his wits. But .. either that or he was lost. I’d like to think it’s the 1st.

So how did Joe & Sarah come find Cocoa’s info?

Actually, I’ll save that for a later time… it’s post worthy by itself. (Not to mention, Im too happy to be sitting in front of computer to type)

Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Rose from Her Fitness Blog who’s contributed countless hours going door to door, posting flyers, and of course… commiserating. 😉

I just gave Cocoa two HUGE bowls of food and he devoured them.

He will have some one gargantuan poop later on, but this time around, I will be more than happy to pick them up.

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