Heart of Gold: Dog Wheelchair Stolen. Replacement Donated.

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Like I say so often about these crazy pet stories… I didn’t make this stuff up.

Meet Jack.

As you can see, Jack cannot walk with his hind legs, which means he needs a wheelchair.

About 3 months ago, Jack got a wheel chair, and it changed his life for good.

Jack was able to go for walks, and even run because he had strong front legs.

Until one day, someone decided to “jack” Jack’s wheelchair… RIGHT from Jack’s house.

Then Jack’s joy came to a crashing HALT because now, he can longer go for even the simplest things like daily walks.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there.

A couple who’s heard of Jack’s story decided to help out Jack by blessing Jack with the similar wheel chair that they had for their deceased dog Gill.

Instead of letting a perfectly fine dog wheelchair just collect dust, the couple decided to give Jack a renewed lease on life.

What an awesome story.

That couple deserves a medal of honor.

Editorial Note

Seriously, what kind of a SICK person would actually, let alone even THINK about, stealing from a handicapped dog?


Paco, the crazy angry Chihuahua, is NOT going to be happy when we report this story to him

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  • Lydia Buitenwerf

    I hope that Jack can now go for long runs and walks thanks to some kind angels who gave him another chance at life. Shame on you who took his wheel chair everyone deserves another chance at life even dogs and cats. You go Jack and goodluck to you and your family.

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