Hey pooch, fetch me a beer

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dog fetching beerMen’s fantasy come true – a dog fetching a cold beer from the fridge while he plays the role of a dormant potato in front of this box called the television. It’s probably more of a fantasy than men dreaming about dating hot models.

In fact, ever since the discovery the art of brewing beer and domestication of the canine animal, men have always wondered if 4-legged-beer delivery is a possibility. In fact, if you do a Google search on “teach dog to fetch beer“, you’ll notice 500k+ minds all have pondered over this puzzling matter.

You, especially if you are a female, have to ask yourself, how lazy are men that they have to recruit the help of their canine friend to do such mindless task? Well, as a fellow man, i can say for certain that men are good at two things: being lazy and drinking beer. If we could in fact do nothing but stick our head in a beer box and watch TV all day, we would. But of course, no such method exists.

Even with this beer catapulting machine, we still need to do work, like pressing a button and catching.

But for those without the intelligence to create such an ingenius device, they can resort to their dogs as a fine cold alcoholic beverage delivery boy. Crazy you say? How about this: Animal Planet is producing a new reality show called “Fetch me a beer“:

A crew for Animal Planet’s new show — tentatively called “Fetch Me a Beer” — recently filmed Max while he was learning his new moves. The 20-episode series, scheduled to premiere in October, will show George teaching other dogs such skills as riding a bike and helping a helpless human land a date.

“The dogs are easy. It’s the people who are more challenging,” George says. “There’s nothing we can’t attempt to teach a dog.”

So far, eight episodes have been shot in Miami and the Boston area. Later this month, the crew will tape Brumby the Australian Shepherd completing his training with George on learning to bowl with his owner. Yes, bowl.

Cold beer, here
Seanbaker Carter, executive producer of Powderhouse Productions, says viewers will see all sorts of skills from dogs they didn’t think were possible, such as seeing a dog “literally fetching a beer out of a fridge” and bringing it to its owner.

“It’s the one trick we probably all need to happen,” says Carter, whose company is producing the show for Animal Planet.

Another episode, he promises, will have a cat using a toilet.

This will be a show to watch (for men, that is).

Here’s an example of a pooch fetching beer:

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