Holy Moly – Two Legged Chihuahua Puppies!

Meet Kensi, Hetty, and G – puppy chihuahuas from Massachusetts.

Unlike, most puppies… they have no front legs, and that’s why the owners decided to dump them in front of the MSPCA animal shelter when they were just 10 weeks old.

These animals have amazed us with how much they can accomplish on their own.

They don’t know they’re missing those front legs, so they have adapted and overcome the hurdles in front of them.

They learn behaviors but also to interact and socialize with other young animals of the same mindset.

People would describe them as “animals with disability.”

I don’t know about them, but these dogs don’t look very disabled to me.

Here’s an odd little fact.

Apparently, this isn’t the FIRST case of chihuahuas being born with this kind of medical condition.

In 2008, ANOTHER set of three chihuahuas came to New York’s North Shore Animal league, with exact same condition:

Faith, “the original two legged dog“, would be quite amazed at these little’uns.

PS: We should call Whoopi Goldberg and tell her that she’s right about buying over adopting. These dogs are indeed useless.


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  • Jennifer

    Just loved watching them! Oh if they only lived closer to me! They didn’t get my pitty, they got my love and support and a big smile!!! Hugs and kisses to them all!!!

  • soondra

    Those little chihuahuas are amazing! They are absolutely comfortable with how they play and interact and I would definitely adopt a dog like those guys. Alas, I live in a pet free apartment. But I know there are many people that think the same thing. They will always be loved. Wishing all well.. : D

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