Hotel For Dogs, Anyone?

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doggie-hotelMy bf and I rented this about two weeks ago. Sadly, I’m actually disappointed especially because I’ve seen quite a few dog movies like Marley and Me, Bolt, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Hachiko in the last month. I would definitely have to put Hotel For Dogs at the bottom of my list.

Why? I just felt like the kids weren’t up to par with the acting – way too Disney-like and the main girl just had too many dumb responses. I won’t blame her entirely for my disappointment since she only read what the script told her to say, but c’mon! If she wanted to keep her and her brother together, then why were they stealing? Sure, they have shitty foster parents, but it’s not like they’re living on the streets. Gaahh!! There were other things that annoyed me, but there’s no need to vent since it’s only a movie.

I will say that the dogs were awesome, but that’s it. Oh, and maybe Don Cheadle, but other than that I’d say this movie was a total flop for me.

I think I’ll just wait to see what happens with Richard Gere’s movie. Toodles!

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