How far would you go to save your dog from danger?

We all know that the dog is man’s best friend.

What we sometimes forget is that the man is dog’s friend as well.

People who love dogs do heroic things to their dogs who are in need.

Sometimes they do things that most people, especially non dog owners, cannot understand.

For example.. would you:

1) run into a burning house to save your dog? (src)

Frank “Poncho” Kruse, a 62 year old man from San Antonio, ran into his burning trailer home to save his dog. Unfortunately He did not come back out.

The dog was “his pride and joy”… and “he didn’t go anywhere without it”, according to Mr.Kruse’s son in law Daniel Casey.

Instead of spending Christmas morning together, the family gather around the crime scene behind the “Do not cross” police tape.

2) Pay $10,000 reward to someone who found your dog (src)

Christmas for Chris Cooley, also from San Antonio, came with an awesome gift: his stolen dog Jim Bowie. Chris’ pick up was stolen last week along with his dog.

When the dog was returned, Mr. Cooley paid him a check for $10,000 cash.

Another kicker? It turns out December 25th is ALSO Mr.Cooley’s and his dog, Jim Bowie’s, birthday.

3) Pay $3,000 to help save an injured homeless dog (src)

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle volunteered to pay for the surgery for a homeless Sheltie found wandering in the St. Louis area with an arrow sticking from her abdomen.

Yes, a HOMELESS dog he has never seen before. Wow.

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  • Natalie

    These people are angels!

    This is what we should do.

    I’m ashamed that I’m part of a species that would do these things to these poor, innocent animals, and I will go to the end of the earth to stop it.

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