How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

Dogs are awesome.

When life’s got you down.. when people you love leave you… when everything that could go wrong does go wrong.. when you don’t get what you want.. when you try your best but you don’t succeed… when sadness and disappointment has gotten you so low, your dog is STILL there for you.

Your dog doesn’t care if you’re tall, rich, skinny, or good looking. Your dog doesn’t care if you drive a fancy car or live in a nice house. Your dog doesn’t care if you don’t get that promotion. Your dog doesn’t care if you try and fail.

All your dog wants.. is you. No matter what you do or what ends up happening in your life, your dog just wants to be with you and you only.

If you go to church or have a religious affiliation of some sort, I am sure you’re aware of this notion of “unconditional love”. Really, who among us can say that we’ve really felt unconditional love from another human being.. most people have his/her condition that must be met before we can be “worthy” of their love.

Not dog’s love. It truly is unconditional.

We, at PawshPal, are so moved by dog’s infinite loyalty and companionship, and salute our four-legged friends with this video.

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  • Raleigh Lansford

    such a sweet video! My little dog Abby, she is like that when im down in the dumps. There’s nothing like a furry four leged companian to help you out

  • Raynor Allen

    so much, so very much! Dogs are Awesome and I would be so devastated without her . I love her like a mother loves her child.

  • danielle

    omy god that was ssssoooqute

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