How This Dog Pissed Off the Nazis

Apparently, a dog from Finland named Jackie pissed off the German Nazis during World War II.


The historical documents show that Jackie’s owner, Tor Borg, had allegedly trained Jackie to raise its paw when the word “Hitler” was mentioned. The German Nazis thought this dog was making fun of them.

How did Mr.Borg train Jackie to do that?

I’m guessing lots of treats. Like with this dog:

Nazis apparently did not have a sense of humor and thought the dog was “intentionally” mocking them.

Nazis were so insulted that they even tried to ruin Mr.Borg’s business in hopes of “destroying” the dog and its owner.

What happened afterwards? Well, apparently nothing. They couldn’t prove anything because no one would come forward. Besides, who would testify against an alleged action… of a DOG?

Perhaps a cat or a Neuter Nazi who wants to neuter every 4-legged animal..

Well, no one did. Thank goodness.

Here’s a video of a dog trained to salute to “sieg heil” which is what the Nazis used to say when saluting to Hitler.

(DISCLAIMER: This is NOT our video. It’s a video we pulled from Youtube.)


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  • Angela Himmeroeder

    Its not spelled ‘Seig Heil’…Its ‘Sieg..pronounced ‘seeg highel’. I think thats quite sick that someone taught a dog to do this!!

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