How to Turn Your Dog into a Youtube Sensation that gets MILLIONS of Views

Yes, I am guilty.

Guilty of watching hours and hours of funny, cute, and interesting dog videos on Youtube. Sometimes I watch them while sitting on my toilet.

Please, someone take away my laptop so i can poop in peace!

Did you know that some of these insanely popular dog videos that get MILLIONS of views didn’t go viral (i.e. popular) by mistake?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “woah, you mean these didn’t get popular because they’re fun and cute to watch? you mean someone rigged it?”

Ok, I wouldn’t say “rig” the system, but more like “helped” the videos get popular.

Meet a friend of mine, Chris Trujillo. She’s the CEO of a boutique internet video marketing firm located in Hollywood, CA.

She is responsible for marketing not 1, not 2, but 14 of these crazy internet dog videos that reached well over 1 MILLION views. Some of these dogs (and the owners) have been approached by top dog products advertisers to endorse their products on internet as well as on TV.


Does she know what she’s doing? You betcha.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Chris

Pawshpal: You mean, these videos had somehow been “promoted”? It’s not pure luck?

Chris: Nope. Well, I take that. Sure, you probably could but the odds are 1 in a kazillion. Did you know there is 35 HOURS worth of video being uploaded EVERY minute on Youtube? If you upload a 30 second clip, what are the odds that your video will be seen?

Pawshpal: Good point. Well, did you have to spend money?

Chris: If you mean advertising, nope. ZERO. In fact, if you apply some of the techniques I outlined in my ebook, not only is it free but it actually has better results than if you were to pay for it.

Pawshpal: Awesome. Can I have this ebook?

Chris: Sure. You got $20 bucks?

Pawshpal: How about I let my dog hump your dog and call it even?

Chris: *silence*

So after weeks of BEGGING and stalking her online and in person, Chris has been gracious enough (or gave into my persistent begging) to give me permission to share with PawshPal fans her ebook:

Secrets of the the Top Internet Video Marketers Revealed

How to Turn Your Dog into a Wildly Popular Youtube Sensation in 10 Simple Steps

for FREE.

Tomorrow, I will be sending out this ebook to PawshPal newsletter.

So if you’re not on the Pawshpal newsletter mailing list, please do so NOW to get this ebook for FREE. (You know you like FREE. Stop pretending you don’t.)

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