I refuse to neuter my dogs

Nazi CatWhoever started this propaganda the notion of neutering dogs being good for them must be a cat or a Nazi, or maybe both.

If your dog (or cat) has not been neutered, I’m sure you’ve been nagged by Neuter Nazis.

What is a Neuter Nazi?

Neuter Nazi is what I call a person that is radical about neutering. Neuter Nazis are ruthless in their attempts to see that all animal companions are sexually mutilated,nothing matters to a Neuter Nazi except clip and snip!

They say the same thing over and over again: “you gotta neuter your pet.” Blah blah blah.

No offense, but do these people know what they’re saying or are they just regurgitating what their vets have told them?

Or are they just summarizing what they’ve seen on TV or read on some website somewhere?

How can these people say for certain that neutering is good for their pets?

Does this look like neutering was good for this dog?

There are plenty of people on the “Neuter Nazi” regime who tells you “Because it is” as a reason. Perfect example, this Yahoo Answers response to a question from a user whether or not he/she should neuter his pet:

I could sit here and give you a million reasons and possible situations your dog could run into, but Im only going to say that I work in a shelter, and yes, even that breed comes in a lot!

You never know when your dog may get off the leash or escape and knock up another dog. Not to mention you lower the risk of cancer and other health problems when you neuter. Fixed males tend to be much easier to get along with to other fixed males as well.

What? What are these “MILLION” reasons?

This is internet lady. Go ahead type away and Yahoo will gladly store your resposne for others to see and don’t you worry about Yahoo running out of hard drive space. Go ahead and tell us.

And as far as these prostate cancer reasons, there are articles that support that this is one big ball bull:

People often hear that neutering prevents prostate cancer in dogs.

Neutering does have an impact on the prostate gland and avoiding future prostate concerns, but there is no evidence to prove canine prostate cancer can be prevented through neutering.

I have yet to find good, scientific, and compelling reasons to convince me that neutering is actually good for dogs.

I even asked a well known vet (he has his own talk show) from Los Angeles area if I should neuter my dogs.

He said “of course.”

When I asked why, he gave me the same old stuff I read online or hear on TV.

When I asked if he actually has medical findings to prove this is true, of course, he didn’t.

No disrespect to industry “professionals”, but I feel like a lot of the messages are just regurgitated common notions.

I would go as far to say that the professionals started this propaganda so they can collect hundreds of dollars on totally UNNECESSARY surgeries.

I’m a responsible individual.

  • I feed my dog healthy food and he gets checked up annually by a vet
  • My dog gets plenty of exercise (i walk him 4-5x a day)
  • I make sure he doesn’t go out and start breeding like a rabbit

Yes, I do agree that “most” of the people who lack discipline SHOULD have their pet neutered.

But, I’m not a big believer of populist sentiment, because I like to think for myself.

This writer from Neutering.org said it best:

Neuter Nazis are against free choice; you are relieved of all choice when dealing with them.

Neuter Nazis are of the opinion that those who would adopt an abused or neglected woof is no better then the abuser or neglecter the woof was rescued from; and this distrust and disrespect is apparent at every point of the adoption process.

Thus, persons wanting a companion non-human without the rigors of interrogation, humiliation, and sexual mutilation, may feel better to purchase a woof from a breeder.

I think this is why so many “rescues” end up being “put down” in shelters; because there’s a lack of perfect homes with perfect drones that will kiss up to the Neuter Nazi ego.

In fact, this is quite arrogant for us to think that this is good for them.

How do we know? Do dogs show signs of happiness and peace once their nuts enter the Kingdom of Nutly Heaven?

Do they show their owners more love? Are they more social and gregarious with other dogs?

For every owner that says yes to all these, i can find 2 or 3 more that say “no” or “not sure”.

The most ridiculous answer from the Neuter Nazis? “They’ll be happier”.

I don’t know but this dog sure doesn’t look very happy:

I equate to subjecting our pets to this ruthless practice comparable to genocide of the Jews by the Nazi’s.

Sure, with neutering, at least you get to live nor was it systematic like genocide.

But the same principal applies (in lot smaller scale): control the population because the “masters” felt that it was in their interest to do so.

Extreme comparison? Perhaps.

One last argument I would like to say is… dogs (and cats) were designed that way for a reason.

That’s the way God/nature/Allah/whatever-you-believe-in designed them. Our tinkering of the divine design is a slap to Mother Nature and her mysterious ways.

How dare we think that we know the better way.

Src: Yahoo Answer, Neutering.org

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  • Diana Sandlin

    WOW! If we do not neuter, what is your solution to the over population of dogs and cats??? Thousands are euthanized daily nationwide because PEOPLE are not responsible in stopping the process. I knowTONS of reasons to neuter and by the way, if done right, causes no scarring or problems of any kind.
    Walk into your local shelter, my friend and see hundreds of UNNEUTERED dogs waiting to die – yes, they can smell a female in heat up to five miles away and are driven to go find her and so they are the ones that get loose. Also most of the behavioral problems with dogs is linked to the dominance and drive to mate and be the alpha male.
    If you want a breeding male, fine, keep him as a stud and breed him . If you want a socialized, long-living pet ,neuter young and all those obnoxious behaviors like marking, etc will never oocur. And the dog doesn’t care if he is neutered or not- he is just reacting from instinct. Iprefer to “love” by animals by giving them a balanced life and keeping them safe.

  • cheryl w

    I totally agree, my husband I went through a similar experience trying to adopt a boxer, they came to our home and basically scrutinized ever nook of it and then told us we couldn’t because our current boxer was not fixed- we really wanted to adopt the dog so we got our little girl spayed only to find out they already gave that boxer to someone else. It was a huge slap in the face and subsequently we wound up buying from a family who had just had a litter- its sad that after all their pity us we have no where to put these poor dogs but we are too snobbish to give them to perfectly good home just because a dog was left in tact….sad just really sad

  • Nancy

    I couldn’t agree more. If you have a male and female dog then what about a vasectomy or tubal ligation as an alternative. Much less invasive and the hormones are left in tact to support the healthy functioning of all body systems. Spaying and neutering seems barbaric to me especially when there are better options available.

  • hollykate

    The ultimate, #1 and most important reason to spay and neuter ALL pets is to prevent them from breeding unwanted puppies. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats that are put to death every year, why add to that problem?

  • emily

    Glad to find someone who feels the same way I do. Everyone talks like it is just a given and cannot give me any reason to put my dog through this intense surgery. Indeed I have researched the issue and found many compeling reasons not to neuter and Europe apparently agrees. Weight gain, depression, brittle bones. I have an excelent vet who told me there are two reasons to neuter your dog, behavior and health. If they get testicular cancer, then you can neuter. If there behavior is driving you crazy, then neuter. I do not have any of these issues with my dog and love him just the way he is. I also chose to think for myself and thank you for the post.

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