Imprisoned Lab Beagles Find Freedom

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Happy news!

Nine beagles used as laboratory test animals were rescued last weekend.

When laboratory animals “expire” (i.e. run out of usefulness), the technicians usually end up euthanizing them.

(Why? Perhaps they perceive it to be more “humane”, or cheaper than incurring their future medical costs.)

These lucky nine beagles, however, were saved by the Beagle Freedom Project and its volunteers:

When the Beagles met their new found freedom, they were cautious but definitely happier.

Did they bark?

Nope. They can’t bark because the laboratory personnel had the beagles’ vocal chords cut out to “silence” them.

Regardless of what happened in the past, they are now FREE happy dogs.

Here’s the video of the actual day the beagles were picked up.

(Warning: the video may make you cry)

So why beagles?

Beagles are the PREFERRED dogs to test on because of they are small, good-natured, and trusting. (Yes, the irony will never stop.)

In fact, a while back, there was another case of 120 beagles that were saved from a bankrupt laboratory in New Jersey:

On behalf of our fans and readers, PawshPal would like to thank the volunteers of the Beagle Freedom Foundation for all their awesome, DIVINE work in bringing light to this, sometimes, dark world.

To close your eyes will not ease another’s pain
– Chinese proverb

Facts about Animal Testing

  1. In the 2004 (U.S) alone, 1,101,958 animals were tested on, including dogs, cats, primates, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits and farm animals.
  2. In 2005, approximately 66,610 dogs and 22,921 cats in laboratories were killed or euthanized.
  3. There is NO central database that collects information about the total number of animals tested on or killed in laboratories worldwide, but the number is estimated to be in hundreds of millions per year.

Sources – SF Gate, Beagle Freedom Project

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  • ginger

    thank you for helping these wonderful dogs, but this GOVERNMENT should make these dam labs STOP doing this,i am shaking i am so mad, why can’t they use sex offenders instead???????? let them give back for all they have done,after all these are so called humans so experments on them would be better and more useful.SHAME ON OUR COUNTRY

  • Hyeacheeg

    How about test on animal abusers…??? NOT animals!

  • laura

    Wow, thank you guys for doing this, it breaks my heart to see animals go through things like this, thanks God there are people like you.

  • Laurrette Lavallee

    They should test on people that will be using the product and myself would like to test it on the lab workers how cruel and inhumaine theses people are may bad karma come back to them.Thank god some were saved my heart goes out to the ones that were killed!!!

  • Emily

    WHY! Why are us humans so stupid to take advantage of this poor animals. This is stupid . can`t they test stuff on people and not animals . Good god .

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