In Dog We Trust

dach_stamp_poster1Yeap, it’s true. Cat owners, eat your hearts out. Obama has chosen a  DOG for his presidential pet. Not a cat. A dog. *woof*

In fact, they chose a Portugese Water Dog (‘PWD’). First I heard that I wondered to myself, ‘why? are they going swimming a lot in the White House these days?’ Is this dog going to be a rescue dog just in case the Obama girls drown in the pool?

Nope. Has nothing to do with water. In fact, White House doesn’t even have a swimming pool. So at least this blogger thinks so based on Google Map satellite images. But then again, this other blog post begs to differ.

It’s simple. Dog allergens.

Apparently, Malia Obama (one of the daughters) is allergic to regular dogs. PWDs are optimal for Malia:

This curly-coated canine was chosen partly because it’s hypoallergenic, meaning it shouldn’t send little Malia into fits of coughing and sneezing.

Throught history of First Presidential Pets, dog seems to have clear dominance over cats. Why? Who knows. My guess is similar to my reasons for choosing dogs over cats. For some reason, men seem to find greater, mystical attraction to dogs over cats. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll lets the  new dog  sleep in their beds and pretty much do anything. Do cats have that type of assertion over their owners? Who knows.

Here are some of the presidential pets from the past:

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