Interesting Dog Facts

Ok Men’s Health magazine is probably not the de-facto standard when it comes to getting pet information, but it has quite few intersting facts about dogs. I’ll distill the article and point out the interesting ones:

1. Women perceive the relationship between a man and his dog an “appealing” aspect of the man. In fact…

In Tokyo today, more than 100 “rent-a-puppy” shops now allow customers to take dogs on walks at a rate of about $15 per hour. Though most such customers are simply seeking a pleasant dog experience in a city where dog ownership can be prohibitively expensive, more than a few male clients specifically ask for cute breeds to help them attract women.

2. Dogs make better confidants than family, female companions, and friends.

We did a study that showed 97 percent of people talk to their dogs,” says Beck, adding, “and the other 3 percent probably lied.

3. Know anyone feelin’ suicidal? Don’t bother calling the suicide hotline. Get a pet instead.

In the 2006 Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy, researchers Chia-Chun Tsai and Erika Friedmann acknowledge that the research literature here is far from definitive. Still, some studies have indeed found that dogs can reduce loneliness, lower anxiety, and slap a smile on the depressed. Patrick McCathern, a retired Air Force sergeant and longtime spokesman for the National Institute of Mental Health’s Real Men/Real Depression campaign, credits his dog Dunkin with preventing his suicide. McCathern recalls the moment when, blindsided by divorce, he draped a noose over his bathroom door, placed his neck inside it, and slumped forward.

“I was maybe 20 seconds away from passing out when one of my dogs walked in, wagging his tail,” McCathern says. “I was beyond caring what my friends or family might think. But when Dunkin looked up at me with his bright beagle eyes, it was like he was saying, ‘What about us? We love you.’ It occurred to me that if I died, who’d care for my dogs? I’d be ending my pain but just starting the suffering for them.” McCathern removed the noose and dialed a close friend, who drove him to an E.R.

4. Bond between man and dog (vs. woman and dog) is more prevalent

No wonder the 2007-2008 National Pet Owners Survey found that nearly 40 percent of all U.S. households currently host at least one dog. Though women are hardly immune to canine charms, the expression “man’s best friend” has statistical backing: Nearly one in 17 American dogs are owned by men living alone.
(The article was named “Women, Money, and Friends Come and Go, but Dogs are Forever”.)


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