Is This Justice? – Girl Throwing Puppies Into River Fined Only $6,400

*Warning: The video footage below is very shocking. If you’re faint of heart, please do not play the video.

As you might have seen, there was a huge uproar on the internet when a teenage girl filmed herself enthusiastically and quite joyfully throwing helpless little puppies into a river.

So, it turns out that this wasn’t some internet PR stunt. In another words, those puppies were REAL. What happened to them? God only knows, but based on probability (i.e. puppies ability to float and survive a strong current river), they probably drowned.

Since then, with the help of internet nerds from, the police was able to track down the suspect.

Who is she?

Her name? Katja Puschnik, a 19 year old from Croatia. Her fine? Measly $6,400:

Katja Puschnik


You be the judge.

Was justice served here?

If you were the court judge, would you have given her perhaps jail time? Higher fine?

Or was this a simple case of misguided teenager doing stunts to get attention…?

Leave your thought in the comments.

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  • Amy Goldshine

    I am so sick to my stomach right now. This girl is a sociopath. A fine is nothing to her. She needs jail time. More than likely, she will eventually take a human life too. Don’t be surprised to hear her name in the news again.

  • Melissa

    She should be tossed into the river with weights!! They were only puppies, she must be demented to do such things to those little ones. I can’t stand people who do that to animals. What are they thinking? She should be charged as an adult and get jail time, and make sure that she doesn’t own any animals EVER!!!

  • -----

    I’m beyond angry about this and I cannot see why this person would commit such actions against puppies who obviously cannot defend themselfs. I don’t think that this girl got a good punishment because the parents are more than likely the ones who will pay it off and not her. C’mon, she deserves a real punishment. How many times has anyone drowned her just because…I bet none…so why should animals be treated this way. I’m super upset to see this and I hope those puppies come back to haunt her concious someday…

  • Bridgett Ward

    This is awful why did the person keep taking pictures instead of offering to take the puppies and at least save some of them. A fine and jail time also she should have got community service she got off too easy that is rediculous.

  • Juliane Bagley

    As the old saying goes…do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Someone please throw this POS in a river…and slit her throat for good measure.

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