January 2011 Pawshmate Contestant – Ladyboots

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Original photo taken with Samsung SCH-U750

Ladyboots – Submitted by Michelle Dulaney


she is a rescue, and she had no clue how to play, fetch, nothing that normal pups do,,,, til this day. The ball she has in her mouth is actually a “jolly ball” it is for horses to play with. This ball belonged to my best friend that pasted away about 2 mths befor we got boots. I had it put away for safe keeping… boots somehow got it down and brought it to me. I put it up several times, and she would go get it. Finley I threw it and she “fetched” like she had been doing it for years… 🙂 I dont think Dez would mind so now it is hers.. she plays with it all the time.

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