Lab Technicians Abused Lab Beagles – Charged & Indicted

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Remember that story where a group rescued to a bunch of beagles that were being tested as lab experiments?

Well, it turns out, there’s more to the story..

FOUR workers were indicted by the North Carolina grand jury on 14 counts of animal cruelty.

What did they do?

For example, they found beagles on drugs, including oxycodone (a drug derived from OPIUM).

In other instances, the dogs were found physically burnt and bruised by lab technicians applying chemicals on them.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. then this video is worth an entire encyclopedia:

Warning: This video contains graphic scenes. Viewer discretion advised.

This time, justice for those who can’t fend for themselves came through.

And the beagles?

They seem to be recovering just fine:

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  • ginger

    when in the hell is this going to stop,everyone should be sick after viewing this,shame on this country for allowing testing on animals, you now know the kind of people who work on animals are are sickos & perverts who love their job that way they can ABUSE animals feel like they are important sick bastards,no normal person would want the job.dose any body know how we can get big companies to stop this horror,as far as the 4 sickos fired they need to rot in jail & do some testing on them,i HATE these so called people SCUM BAGS i wish them nothing but HORROR IN their sick lives

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