Like pet, like owner?

It’s probably a no secret that some people think that pet owners (especially, dog owners) look like their pets. Apparently, there’s a study out that says people can “predict” what kind of pet a person would own just by looking at his/her photo:

Researchers found that members of the public could predict which breed of dog a person would own almost twice as accurately as they should be able to, just by looking at a photograph of their owners.

 At first, I thought “how bogus”. What is this “members of the public”? What big is the test sample and is the sample “skewed”? Or are they picking out dogs that are obviously similar looking, like these:

Yeap, skewed I thought. Maybe I’m wrong because big media companies like Yahoo and Fox are republishing the same story. In fact, so is Scientific American.

I still think this is a big baloney. In fact, a University of California research people have a scientific claim that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy / mumbo – jumo:

The UCSD psychologists found that when people pick a dog, “they seek one that, at some level, resembles them, and, when they get a purebred, they get what they want.

… There was no evidence of resemblance between the mixed breed dogs and their owners

…  Once the researchers were able to confirm, with randomized photo matching techniques, the high incidence of resemblance between owners and purebreds, and none for mixed-breeds, they went on to conclude that the similarity was due to owner selection at time of acquisition.

… the study concludes, “it does appear that people want a creature like themselves

OK, so my doubt is “half” misplaced. So people do choose pets that are like them to a certain extent.

What would be interesting to know is if a pet owner and his/her pet share similar personality, like this one in England:

Quirkology is carrying out ongoing research into the alleged personality of pets and their owners.

Interestingly, this similarity increased over time, suggesting that pets may slowly come to adopt their owner’s personality, or vice versa.

For years, owners have insisted that their pets have a unique personality – not only does this work suggest they might be right, but also reveals that people’s pets are a reflection of themselves.

Side note: It’s incredible what kind of scientific analysis people will do to find out that his pet is really his best friend.
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